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 Steam loco, steam locomotive, Er 0-10-0

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We invite tourist companies and private persons for cooperation in tour operation to Ukraine and countries of the former Soviet Union


The last steam locos tour before they`ll be scraped. We start the group collection for the fascinating tour across the snowing Carpathian Mountains from 16 to 23, February 2008: Kiev-Lvov-...Rakhov...- Kiev by the comfortable train plus steam locos. Visits interesting depots, night photosessions, a lot of runpasts..

http://www.dzherelo.com.ua/en/steam-locos-photo/gallery1/ http://www.dzherelo.com.ua/en/steam-locos-photo/gallery1/
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Steam loco, steam locomotive, Er 0-10-0

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2008-02-16   We start all the preparations of the splendid tours 2008 across the Trans-Siberian Railway
2008-02-08   Urgent information for the participants of the February steam loco tour!

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Er 0-10-0 # 799-79; 797-86

Depot Kolomiya 
Built: Murom - prototype 1932; Bryansk & Lugansk- series-built 1935-36 plus rebuilds of Em; Kolomna - batch (c.20) in 1943-44; Malaxa, Resita, MAVAG, CKD, Skoda, Cegielski- 1947-57 
Quantity built: c.2970, + indust. & rebuilds 
Number series: series range 738-799 (with gaps) (01-99 in most series) 
Purpose: Freight 
Power: 1104 kW (27 km/h; 0-6) 
Tractive effort: 206 kN (15 km/h; 0-75) 
Max.speed: 65 km/h 
Grate area: 5-09 m2 
Heating surface: 180-3 m2
Superheater surface: 72-0 m2 
Boiler pressure: 14 kg.f./cm2
Cylinders: 650 x 700 mm 
Driving wheels: 1320 mm 
Length: 12.028+ 9943mm 
Weight (locomotive): 85-8 t. 
Adhesive weight: 85-8 t. 
Empty weight (locomotive): 75 t. 
Empty weight (tender): 35 t. (type P27) 
Fuel capacity: 20 t. 
Water capacity: 27 m3
Maximum axle weight: 17-3 t.
Notes: Popularly known as the Erka, the Er (rekonstruirovannyi - redesigned) was a more powerful and economical development of the Em The prototype was Er 723-12, rebuilt from Em at Murom, and about 270 new locomotives duly followed, plus some rebuilds from Eu and Em. New construction was stopped in 1936 in favour of the SO , but war prompted a hybrid emergency batch from Kolomna (series 750) using Su type boilers and SO-type wheelsets and axle-boxes. In 1947-55 some 2682 engines with increased superheating were built for the MPS by East European factories, many as reparations, and several hundred more were delivered for industrial use until 1957, a number of which were taken into MPS stock in the 1960's: examples of the latter include nos 792-64 and 793-75. Thus, about 10,700 of the E family entered MPS stock, with a possible class total of over 11,000 - the world's largest steam class. (Technical data above is for engines from about 1950- for example, from no.768-19 in the MAVAG series.)

Steam loco, steam locomotive - photo and description of steam loco Er 0-10-0

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